Vlad BauerManaging Partner, Bauer&Bauer Quality Systems

Vlad is a young professional specialising in economic sustainable development. He has managed projects in the fields of business development and quality management. Vlad is responsable for developing strategies for start-ups and implementing their quality management system, diversifying economic activities in rural and urban environments, and developing a model project for an integrated organic agro-tourism solution for a rural community. He is also involved in organic agriculture, and is responsible for building the business plan/strategy and implementing them such that Romanian companies can get access to the organic market. Other ventures of his include: food security (developed and implemented as part of a team the food security management system for HoReCa companies and producers), and human resources development (built a model project for human resources development and recruitment plan aimed at the rural environment).

Vlad is familiarised with the multicultural and multinational environment as a result of his work at Oracle and living&working in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is aiming to improving his technical and soft skills so that he may contribute to the development of the economic environment in Romania by developing meaningful and efficient projects.