Paul ApostolFounder, Digital Nation

Paul is a tech entrepreneur who has been driving growth and developing innovation in IT for the last 15 years. His path started in web development where he led two teams in developing sites for US clients. From there on he took the helm of technical support and customer success teams in a cloud hosting venture, where he established his authority and ownership in cloud, systems and network fields. Paul’s results would see him grow to a CEO role in the company – for 4 years he oversaw the cloud supplier’s activity in Romania and the UK, coordinating large scale projects such as infrastructure live migrations, premiere HD broadcasts for clients and successful Black Friday editions hosted for ecommerce players. 


Understanding industry workings, Paul decided his biggest impact would be in scaling our country’s tech potential. In 2013, he founded the DevAcademy community, a group focused on teaching youth coding languages that were relevant in today’s context, for free. What started off as a passion filled project in Bucharest scaled to national scope in 2018, when the community rebranded itself Digital Nation and digitized its entire level up portfolio, making it available nationwide. It was the organisation’s vision that also got Google interested, the American tech giant subsequently investing half a million dollars in digital youth programs developed in Romania.


Nowadays, Paul leads Digital Nation’s development and incubator teams from where he coordinates learning teams, operational crews and new outreach projects. When his schedule allows it, Paul loves attending and talking at meetups and conferences, on radio shows and podcasts, taking every opportunity to inspire youth to digital fields.