Oana NăstaseManaging Director – Finactiv Comunication; Managing Director – Bucharest Running Club Association; Consultant – World Bank

Oana Nastase is currently managing director for Finactiv Communication and for Bucharest Running Club Association (BRCA) as well as consultant for World Bank.

In the last 4 years she had been an entrepreneur and NGO leader; starting with 2015 she became an expert and consultant in communication and corporate affairs for World Bank – Romania office.
Since 2013 she is a mentor within Professional Women Network Association for career and life. Her mentees are middle management career women who are in the moment of challenging their current career and personal life status.

Achievements and projects:
Since 2008, together with Valeria van Groningen, president of BRCA, she has set the basis of mass sports activities with focus on mass street running events; the aim of these endeavors is to develop a healthy life style for urban citizens, civic spirit, community involvement. Currently over 25.000 people from 60 countries are running per year within BRCA events and training programs, over 3.000 sport tourists are coming to Romania, visiting the capital for such events, over 100.000 euro are raised for charity, ecology or humanitarian programs – there are 15 associated and partner NGOs who benefit these mass sport events. 10 sports champions become ambassadors for mass sports and for educational programs – since 4 years, twice per year there were unrolled leadership and motivational programs in Bucharest schools. In 2012 it was established the first volunteering in sports platform in Romania and currently over 1000 volunteers per year are trained and involved in projects and programs.
Bucharest became since 2008 one of the world capitals which is hosting an international marathon. In 2016 there will be 9th edition of Bucharest Marathon, the 5th edition of Bucharest Half Marathon – both members of AIMS and IAAF and applicant for bronze label category worldwide.

Awards and recognition as entrepreneur and NGO leader:
Volunteering project of the year, offered within National Volunteers Gala; voluntarinsport.ro by Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon, organized by BRCA, in 2014.
Best community program in sports category , offered by ProTV & “Ce se intampla doctore” – magazine and programe, in 2013
Special award for sponsorship to Raiffeisen Bucharest Marathon, within PR Awards, 2014
Volunteering and community program award for Bucharest Marathon, within Civil Society Gala, in 2013

Award and recognition for personal achievements:
“Most active women in business and social activity” at the “Successful women of the year 2010” Gala, organized by Romanian Broadcasting Center (TVR), Chamber of Commerce and Industry and voted by specialists and mass media representatives

Award and recognition as corporate affairs director for Rompetrol Group:
“Best community program” for the Rompetrol CSR national program “Together for Each and Every one” at the “People for People” yearly Gala, organized by Community Relations Association & American Chamber of Commerce and voted by specialists and mass media representatives, in 2011.