Isabela ManeliciPhD candidate in Economics, UC Berkeley

Isabela Manelici is a PhD candidate in Economics at UC Berkeley, in California. Her current research interests cover trade, public finance and urban economics. Prior to joining UC Berkeley, Isabela conducted research at the Center for Monetary and Financial Studies, an institution founded by the Bank of Spain. Her research focused on studying the impact of the 2005 London bombings on real estate of high accessibility to public transportation. Her results suggest that economic activity in city centers can be negatively affected by an increase in the perceived level of terrorism. Before economics, Isabela has dedicated to Civil Engineering, in which she graduated from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, in Paris. While working for Bouygues on the harbor of Tangier, Morocco, she became interested in the role of infrastructure for socioeconomic development and the ways in which development can be achieved in a sustainable and inclusive fashion. Her experience as a Junior Professional Associate at the World Bank, in Washington DC, created the transition to research and economics. Her work at the World Bank ranged from proposing methods of including climate change costs in the assessment of transportation projects to studying the role of infrastructure policies in South Korea’s growth miracle. Isabela wishes for Romania to live up to its development potential and she believes that C.A.E.S.A.R can mobilize both human and financial capital useful in this endeavor.