Ionuț DumitruChairman, Fiscal Council

Ionut Dumitru is chairman of the Fiscal Council, and Professor of Finance at the School of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange – Department of Money and Banking, within the Academy of Economic Studies. Mr. Dumitru, as Chief-Economist at Raiffeisen Bank, leads the Economic Research Department within Raiffeisen Bank and is Vice-president of the Financial Banking Analysts’ Association of Romania. Mr. Dumitru graduated the School of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange, has a master degree in ‘Financial and Monetary Policies and Strategies’ within the Doctoral School of Finance and Banking (DOFIN) and obtained his PhD degree in finance at the Academy of Economic Studies. He attended various training courses in macroeconomics and financial markets held by professors from DOFIN partner universities – Reading and ISMA Centre (UK), Erasmus (Netherlands), MIT, Columbia and New York University (US), as well as a several training programs on management and financial markets.

Mr. Dumitru has published more than 30 papers in ISI journals, internationally indexed databases journals as well as in the publications of international and national conferences. He has also authored eight books on macroeconomic policies and bank management. He contributed to 15 research projects – PHARE, PNII-IDEAS, CEEX, CERES, European Institute of Romania, the Romanian Centre for Economic Policy (CEROPE) and CNCSIS. He is quoted in papers published in ISI journals or internationally indexed databases journals and he has been invited to lecture at national and international conferences. Mr. Dumitru is a member of the Romanian Association for the Club of Rome and SOREC – Romanian Society of Economics and the Vice-president of the Association of Financial and Banking Analysts of Romania (AAFBR), affiliated to EFFAS (The European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies).