Iancu GudaServices Director, Coface Credit Management Services SRL

Iancu Guda is the Chief Economist of Coface Romania being also responsible for the company’s services business line, as Services Director, Business Information Rating and Debt Collection. He has more than 10 years of experience in credit risk management services, serving in a number of positions from departments in charge with securing bank debts, debt purchase portfolio assessment, regional platform service coordinator and Product Development Manager. After getting his bachelor degree in Finance from FABBV-ASE in 2008, he graduated from Doctoral School Of Finance and Banking – European Centre of Excellence in 2010 and currently he is enrolled for the CFA programme and EMBA Sheffield University.
Starting with May 2014, he is also the VicePresident of AAFBR (Romanian Financial-Banking Analysts Association), after being an active member since 2012 and contributing with several research articles to the periodic association newsletter. Starting with August 2013, Iancu is also Associate Lecturer at the Romanian Banking Institute, teaching seminars on Advanced Financial Analysis to business professionals.
Iancu Guda has outstanding financial analysis and research skills in the fields of corporate finance and financial analysis, with experience as a speaker at conferences, workshops, seminars and media.