Alexandra IrodIntegrated Programs Expert, Genius Hub

Alexandra is a young professional, who since the beginning of her career has taken all opportunities to learn and to develop her skills in all her previous work places.Her strong abilities and competencies such as dedication, responsibility, common sense, communication, open mind and flexibility, fluency in English and German, orientation to multi-cultural environments and people, dynamism and trustworthiness highly recommend her for people related jobs.

Alexandra has demonstrated synthetic and global views over concrete situations during her internship, and also during her Erasmus Scholarship.

She is a certified Process Communication Model practitioner – an award winning communication and management theory, used at NASA and in the communication training of American presidents. Upon request she can submit Psychometric Assessments done with Life Style Inventory from Human Synergistics and Personality Pattern Inventory from Khaler Communications.

Alexandra’s career goal is to specialize in project management, especially in projects financed through European funds that have a strong social impact.