Ramona Martinovici

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Ramona pic for CAESAR Nov 2016Manager,
Australia Wide International Education

Ramona is a public health activist, a human rights advocate, a philanthropist and entrepreneur with a great passion for education and social justice.
She is a graduate of The University of Melbourne, where she completed the Master in Public Health program, specializing in Program Design and Evaluation. In 2009, Ramona designed and evaluated the Ambassadors Program which implemented the first Australian Human Rights Charter across the Department of Health Victoria, Australia.
Ramona also specialized in Immigration Law, International Education and Programs Design for Health Care Departments within
different Educational Institutes in Australia, managing the accreditation and program implementation process.
In 2011 she founded Australia Wide International Education, the company she’s currently managing, providing education and immigration consultancy to institutions, individuals and companies from all around the world, interested in exploring the professional, cultural and business collaborations with Australia.
Ramona is the former Coordinator of the League of Romanian Students from Australia and NZ. She is currently coordintaing the CAESAR Foundation for Australia and NZ working to consolidate the relationships between Romania and Australia.
She is an active member of the following associations:
Australian Evaluation Society
European Evaluation Society
Migration Institute of Australia
Migration and Education Australia
Public Health Association Australia
Women in Global Business
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