Bogdan Grigore

Posted on November 17, 2015 by administrator

Bogdan GrigoreQA and Automation Engineer,

Domeniu principal de expertiză: Știință și Tehnologie

Bogdan Grigore is an IT Quality Assurance Engineer who, when not automating test cases or writing issue reports, he gets himself involved in raising awareness about civic duty and responsibility in the community.

Bogdan believes that the standard of quality of work and of products that is applied in the workplace should be applied to all members of a community in their day to day life. Each member of a community should strive to keep said standard of quality and should be involved in making sure each other member raises to this challenge.

Domenii de expertiză

Știință și Tehnologie: Tehnologiile Informației și ale Comunicării
Alte domenii: Securitate Cibernetică, Rețele de Calculatoare