Anda Gânscă

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Anda Gansca1Founder, President & CEO,

Domeniu principal de expertiză: Știință și Tehnologie

Anda Gansca is the co-founder and CEO of Knotch, a company revolutionizing how emotion is expressed and captured online. Anda was born and raised in Transylvania and at 18, she moved to the US to attend Stanford University where she earned a double major in Economics and International Relations. While at Stanford, Anda developed a passion for data analysis while also starting and growing three international non-profit initiatives. In 2012, Anda combined her passions for data analysis and opinionated self-expression to start Knotch together with her co-founder & the Knotch CTO, Stephanie Volftsun.

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Economie și Comerț: Mediu de Afaceri și Antreprenoriat
Știință și Tehnologie: Tehnologiile Informației și ale Comunicării
Expertiză Regională: Europa de Est | Federația Rusă | Statele Unite ale Americii