Alexandru Cosmin Buteică

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Cos ButeicaPresident,
CAESAR Foundation

Domeniu principal de expertiză: Economie și Comerț

Cosmin has a multidisciplinary, international mindset and entrepreneurial spirit, with a keen interest in international business development, international relations and diplomacy. He is interested in the development and governance of sovereign wealth funds, environmental sustainability, climate change and CSR, public administration as well as transatlantic relationships.

Cosmin holds an MSc in Business Administration, specializing in both General Management and Global Business and Stakeholder Management, from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. His master’s dissertation was written under the Climate Change & Business Centre for Corporate Eco-Transformation of RSM with the research title: Nature as a business model – an overview of biomimicry as a business tool for innovation. He attended an MBA exchange program in Santiago at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile and travelled to Denmark, UAE and China to conduct research on environmental sustainability good practices. Cosmin also holds a BSc in Economics and Information Technology from the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Computer Science of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Sciences. He worked in the banking industry, in the ING’s International Talent Program, at the corporate level of ING in Amsterdam, focusing on the top employer program and stakeholder management, and later in the Wealth Management area of the bank in Romania.

As of 2013 he works for an International Financial Institution as an Operations Analyst, focusing on climate change, environmental sustainability and social developmental areas, part of the Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice Unit for Europe and Central Asia. He has worked extensively in various national and regional technical assistance programs and sector investment lending programs.

He has served and is active in the boards of several NGOs managing various national and international communitarian projects, focusing on youth education, social inclusion, social entrepreneurship and social developmental issues. In 2014 he was selected to attend the Brussels Forum’s Young Professionals Summit 2014, organized by the German Marshall Fund of the United States. In 2015 he was selected as one of the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Fellows by the German Marshall Fund of the United States & OCP Policy Center and participated in the Atlantic Dialogues young leaders program in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Domenii de expertiză

Economie și Comerț: Energie | Mediu de Afaceri și Antreprenoriat | Comerț Exterior | Finanțe și Bănci
Politică Internă: Infrastructură | Energie | Mediu
Relații Externe: Afaceri Europene | NATO | Relații Bilaterale | Organizații Internaționale | Diplomație Economică | Cooperare pentru Dezvoltare
Știință și Tehnologie: Științele Sistemului Terestru și Managementul Mediului | Păduri, Produse specifice și Servicii | Tehnologiile Informației și ale Comunicării | Transporturi și Dezvoltare Urbană
Alte domenii: Securitate Cibernetică, Rețele de Calculatoare
Expertiză Regională: România | Uniunea Europeană | Europa | Europa de Est | Statele Unite ale Americii