Alexandra Dobra

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Alexandra Dobra1PhD Student,
Warwick University

Domeniu principal de expertiză: Economie și Comerț

 Alexandra Dobra’s experience is in strategy, innovation, regulation and research, working with Senior Management and Boards, for Fortune 100, SMEs and IGOs in domestic and global markets. Dobra is currently a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Warwick. Previously, Dobra worked as a Senior Associate at Duff & Phelps and as an Analyst at Accenture and in the Accenture Institute for High Performance (Secondment). Dobra interned with Ellington Electronics Technology Group in the Post-IPO Investment Strategy and at the European Parliament in AFET and DEVE. Dobra is a recognized thought leader and cited author, with articles, conference proceedings and interviews in leading publications such as Oil & Gas Financial Journal, Revue Banque, Wiley-Blackwell, IDRC Davos, national TV channels. Dobra received prestigious international awards, scholarships and research contracts, such as Forbes “30 under 30” and the Swiss National Science Foundation. Dobra has been selected as a role model by 100Mentors and acts as a mentor to empower young talent for the University of Cambridge. Dobra is an expat since age five and is quadrilingual. Dobra is an alumna from the University of Cambridge and the University of York.

Domenii de expertiză

Economie și Comerț: Comerț Exterior | Finanțe și Bănci
Politică Internă: Finanțe Publice
Relații Externe: Afaceri Europene | Securitate Internațională | Organizații Internaționale | Diplomație Economică | Cooperare pentru Dezvoltare